Northward Acoustics works with industry leading technical partners and manufacturers to provide its clients with high quality equipment and workmanship. Here are a few examples of the partners we work with.

ATC Loudspeakers

“ATC is a British company whose total preoccupation, since it was formed in 1974, has been with quality. Since its inception, ATC has kept steadfastly to its founders aims of building loudspeakers and audio electronics, which employ the most effective of modern engineering principles. That has meant far more than keeping up with or even ahead of the competition. It has meant striving to make loudspeakers as near perfection in their performance as it is possible to make them. All ATC products are built to provide nothing less than the best sound reproduction money can buy and to meet the challenge of the latest digital recording technology.” – Billy Woodman

AMC Mechanocaucho

Since 1969 AMC MECANOCAUCHO has pioneered the manufacture and design of systems aimed at the reduction of integral vibrations from structures and air-borne noise . AMC creates comprehensive ranges of anti-vibration mounts based on metal rubber and rubber spring for the effective reduction of structure borne noise.

AMC has a close relationship with Getzner GmbH for the distribution and transformation of the SYLOMER® product. AMC also provides AKUSTIKABSORBER® noise-absorbing and damping composites. Northward distributes the AMC product line for the BENELUX countries. We also provide calculation & engineering services. We have a permanent stock of AMC anti-vibration products to cater.